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Mami Takahashi

​Architect/First class Architect,Japan

1985 Born in Tokyo

2004 Shoei Girl's Junior&Senior High School

​2008 B.S. in Architecture,Tokyo University of Science,Kazuhiro Kojima Lab.
2009 Intern at Fernando Menis Architectos  Valencia Tenerife,Spain
2010 Master of Architecture,Yokohama National University,Y-GSA
2010-2015 Worked at Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects 
Most representatives works,overseas projects,public facilities in Japan,
reconstruction project of the Great East Japan earthquake.
2019 Established Mami and Associates,Architects 
2021 ​The guest lecture of "24 Hour Design" organized by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Future Sciences,
2018 Exhibition 2017-2018 Yokohama National University,Institute of Urban Innovation,Yokohama,'Shoshututen02'
2011 Symposium at Architectural Institute of Japan,Efforts toward academia-industry cooperation for Internship implementation

2011 SSDe(Sendai School of Design)Workshop in Yokohama 

2017 Design competition for celebrates 50 years of establishment of Tokyo University of science,Faculty of Science and Technology,Second Prize.    
2008 Design Review in Kitakyusyu,Diploma project,Junya Ishigami prize.
Past Result


Design cooperation

Commemorative Events of the enshrined 740 years Kameari Katori Jinja,shrine office(Asai Architects,LTD.)

Commemorarive Events of the enshrined 740 years Kameari Katori Jinja,Patisserie La Rose des Japonais(Asai Architects,LTD)

Works at Toyo Ito & Associates,Architects

General athletic playground,Athletics stadium in Aomori prefecture

'Minna no Mori' Gifu Media Cosmos

reconstruction project of the Great East Japan earthquake,Unosumai Elementary and junior high schools


Nueva Estación intermodal de A Coruña-San Cristóbal Competition Coruna,Spain

VEGA BAJA Museum Competition Toledo,Spain 

Works at Fernando Menis Architectos,Spain 

Culture and Congress Centre– CKK Jordanki, Poland 

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