「Vines Garden」
June,2019 Suginami-ku,Tokyo
「Tea Lounge of flowes and greenery」
May,2019 Kita-ku,Tokyo
「LIBRARY kitchen」
March,2019 Koto-ku,Tokyo
「Bordeaux bench and Family」
Decemer,2019 Setagaya-ku,Tokyo
「Salon du Monet」
August,2018 Suginami-ku,Tokyo
「Snow hat」
October,2017 Competition 3rd Competiton 'Anbai iiie'in Murayama-shi Yamagata prefecture,entry
「Promenade for closing sky」
September,2017 Competition for celebrates 50th of establishment of Tokyo University of science,Faculty of Science and Technology 2nd Prize
「relax cafe house」
January,2016 Yokohama
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