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​「Bordeaux bench and Family」

As children leave the nest and grandchildren are born, the shape of the family changes little by little over the years, but they are still bound together by gentle bonds.

We designed an L-shaped sofa bench where the family can gather around the sunken hearth table and enjoy a delicious meal together.

The color of the wood matches the color of the hearth table that the master loved, and the bordeaux color combination is a tribute to the old Kondo residence built in the Taisho era that still exists in Fujisawa.

It can be used as a daybed at times, or as a place to relax with your back against the backrest cushion. The gently curved corners make this sofa bench easy for small children to sit on.


Address :Setagaya-ku Tokyo

Purpose :furniture design

Year    :2018.12

Photo    :Mami and Associates Architects

Contractor:Inoue industories


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