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​「Sky Walkway

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Tokyo University of Science's Faculty of Science and Technology

-Dream Bridge over the Tone Canal - Implementation Competition, Excellence Award

We propose the "Sky Walkway," an observation bridge that brings you a little closer to the sky while touring the beautiful nature of the Tone Canal.

The adjacent Riso-kai Memorial Park and the area around the canal are a treasure trove of nature, inhabited by rare wild birds and wildflowers such as barn swans and kingfishers.

This observation bridge combines the function of a promenade that meanders leisurely through the trees that grow along the waterfront with that of an observation deck where visitors can observe the precious flora and fauna of the environment.

In order to minimize the impact on the ecosystem, only two main piers were lowered. The embankment and the high water bed, which are rich in nature, will be left in their current state to create a "walking path in the sky" that blends in with nature.

This is a plan to inherit the original landscape with a lot of nature, which is familiar to the local people, and also to consider the maintenance and management.


Site  :Nagareyama-shi Chiba

Purpose :Bridge

Collaboration:Hirofumi Okuyama

Organizer:2017 Design Competition Executive Committee for the 50th Anniversary of Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology​

Award  :Excellence Award


Supported by: Nagareyama City, Tokyo University of Science, Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Institute of Architects, Japan Institute of Architects, Japan Federation of Architectural Firms, Japan Federation of Architects, Shinkenchiku-sha, Nikkan Kensetsu Tsushin Shimbun, Nikkan Kensetsu Kogyo Shimbun

Judges: Yoshiharu Izaki, Mayor of Nagareyama City; Kazuo Suzuki, Director of Nagareyama Civil Engineering Department; Akira Fujishima, President of Tokyo University of Science; Tatsuo Iwaoka, Professor of Architecture, Tokyo University of Science; Yoshiro Kimura, Professor of Civil Engineering, Tokyo University of Science; Kei Suzuki, Structural Engineer, ASA


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