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​「big umbrella house

The 3rd Murayama "Anbai Iiiya" Grand Prize Competition Application Plan

We proposed a "big umbrella house" to gather under one roof and protect the family from snow and summer heat.
The open space around the large vaulted ceiling allows the family to be seen and feel connected no matter where they are.
There is an attic lounge where children can paint even on snowy days, a sunny fireplace, and a terrace under the eaves where children can play actively even in midsummer.
This is the only place where you can raise your children.
In addition, we aimed to create a new house that adapts to the environment of Murayama by creating a house that can be built at a low cost and by floating the architecture.


Address :Murayama-shi Yamagata

Subject  :Building houses that young households will want to build

Organizer :Murayama-shi Yamagata​

Purpose :House

Collaboration:Hirofumi Okuyama


Structure :Two-story wooden structure

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