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​「Wind-waiting mound」

Saigo Port used to be a resting place for sailors due to the development of westbound shipping between various ports on the Sea of Japan and Osaka.
Sailors waited in the harbor until the time of voyages when the east and west winds developed on the Sea of Japan.
The "Wind-waiting Hill" was created as a gateway to catch the nautical winds that brought a unique culture to Oki, made the port prosperous, and gave life to the people of Oki.
It will be a place where people who have arrived at Oki and people who live in Oki can feel the culture of the time through the winds of the voyage, and connect the history of the winds passed down to the people to the future.


Country       :Shimane,Japan

date                    :2021.12

Okinoshima Saigou port area design competition

Top 18 choices


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