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​「Vines Garden」

I created a vineyard garden with beautiful grape vines and leaves intertwined with the trees to enjoy the four seasons.

By using natural materials, we started from the image of a house that looks like it is built on a plateau without feeling like a residential area in the city center.


While retaining the existing trees, we placed grape trellis columns and girder materials to maximize the use of the surplus space of the site. In recent years, more and more fences have been made for artificial houses, but we dared to use natural materials to create a new, quaint exterior structure.

The wood is made of red cedar, a durable and weather-resistant material, and coated with an outdoor wood protection paint that forms a thin, glossy film with strong penetrating properties to prevent deterioration due to ultraviolet rays while retaining the tactile texture of the wood.


By placing the exterior fence timbers alternately on the road side and the garden side, we tried to create a façade without creating a back side.

The large brightly colored tile deck has a warm texture and creates a sense of space.


The grape trellis garden allows for viewing the bunches of grapes from inside the house, and sometimes serves as a shade for the terrace.

In late summer, we hope to harvest the sweet and tasty grapes and enjoy them on the terrace with the whole family as a new place to hang out.


Adress   :Suginami-ku Tokyo

Purpose    :exterior design

Year    :2019.06

Photo    :Mami and Associates,Architects

Contracor:atelier ponte


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